Music Review // Robert Jon & The Wreck "Red Moon Rising"

On the heels of an announcement of a new album due out this summer, Robert Jon & The Wreck are back and they are back in a big way.  Now, if you're going to announce a new album and release a lead single with it, that song better be something which is not only a strong representation of your sound but also just a song which can grab the listener and "Red Moon Rising" does both of those things.

Everything about "Red Moon Rising" is what I think of when I think of Robert Jon & The Wreck.  So much more than just that Southern Rock sound, there are elements of soul and the blues in here as well.   Through the keys and guitars, this is that type of song that can stretch out across several different genres but at the end of the day I just like to think of it as rock n roll.

"Red Moon Rising" also feels a little bit like a song for Halloween because of the implications of the Red Moon.   If you don't know about the Red Moon, just know that it can also be referred to as a Blood Moon, so when the lyrics say "We can't do nothing / So we best start running" you should take them to heart and try not to get into any trouble the next time a Red Moon comes around.

Robert Jon & The Wreck have created a song designed to get people excited about their upcoming album.   Summer time might seem like a far way off, but until then we can spend time listening to this song as much as possible so when that the new album hits we're that much more prepared for it.  


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