Music Review // Acid Tongue "Acid On The Dancefloor"

If you're going to name your band Acid Tongue, people should expect you to have a song about taking the drug acid.  In some ways, Acid Tongue brings back those ideas of when rock n roll was dangerous and it kind of came through with the drugs but after the hippies.  It just feels like since the year 2000 rock n roll has generally been safer, so it's a nice change to have this song come on and be about drugs.

In a distorted rock n roll manner, there isn't a whole lot to say about the sound of Acid Tongue because by this point in time you should have an idea in your head of what a rock n roll song about drugs would sound like.   There is this nice sort of stomping beat in here though, which makes this feel catchy as well.  Musically, this is just upbeat and it feels like a lot of fun and, realistically, it makes me want to take acid and see Acid Tongue perform live.

Now, knowing what we know about drugs and how many of the pioneers of rock n roll who made music while on drugs, it might seem like a bad idea to have a song that seems like it's promoting drug use.  And it's not just that the band is saying it but it's like they're encouraging their fans to do it as well.   My feelings on that are simply that this doesn't feel like an endorsement in the sense of trying to get people to try acid for the first time, but rather a recognition of what is already happening.

Taking it one step further, the chorus even says: "I'm tripping on acid on the dancefloor / And I took too much", which could feel like a warning to make sure you don't take too much.  But to pretend like drug culture doesn't exist in rock n roll feels naïve, so to have a spotlight on it again just seems inevitable.   At the end of the day though, the message through this song, which feels like an important universal message is: "Let's be weird / Just let us be"