Music Review // Kojak "Midnight"

There is a distinct rock n roll vibe that Kojak has on the song "Midnight".   More so than the sound, this song makes me think of a specific time in the history of the United States.   I just imagine someone walking down the street, sideburns, bell bottoms and they just have this look about them where they just stepped out of the movie "Dazed and Confused" perhaps.

Kojak does an excellent job of channeling the past while also reminding me of the present.  The Black Keys are a band who comes to mind immediately when hearing this song.   But then I'm also reminded of another song, one from the past, and it's "Down on the Corner" by Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Somewhere between that present tense of sound and the past from 1969 is where this sound seems to land.  

Certainly there have been times when I've questioned the lack of rock n roll in mainstream music and even felt like the tide was shifting, but as long as artists like Kojak continue to make music rock n roll will never die.   With the lyrics: "Hold on / Midnight / Hold on / All night" it kind of feels like this is an anthem to ensure rock n roll doesn't die, as it wants us to hold onto it all night long.  

Whether or not you were alive in 1969 (I wasn't) you should still be able to put this song "Midnight" on and feel some sort of way about it.  The chorus has this melody to where it just feels like the rock sound that everyone should be looking for.  It doesn't drift off into another genre or sound and just stays the course of what it is.   That consistency is key.  


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