Comic Book Mixtape #5, February 2024 (Rom, Spy Superb, Hatchet, Groot, Bad Idea, Something Is Killing The Children)


ROM Facsimile Edition (Bill Mantlo) (Marvel)

This is, if nothing else, a nice reminder that ROM exists.  Why hasn't this been brought back in some form?  You think that Marvel having their version of a giant robot movie (such as the current kaiju films) would be something they were interested in.   Or at least give it a series on Disney+ or a comic book reboot.  

Even looking through the web searches for ROM, there are toys out there but they're vintage so they are, rightfully, expensive.   So it would also be interesting, from a marketing standpoint, for Marvel to bring this franchise back and at least make some sweet toys out of it.   But either way, I'm glad this issue is at least out there to maybe jar some nostalgia for folks.  

Spy Superb #3 (Matt Kindt) (Dark Horse Comics)

As we dive deeper into the world of Spy Superb, we learn more about both Jay and Lucky.  Jay is told that his brother was Spy Superb before him, which once his brother was killed that is how Jay was chosen next.  This comes as a shock to Jay, but he really is the perfect idiot, with the way he lucks into situations.

By the end of this issue, Jay and Lucky strike a deal that sees them work together rather than both of them being dead.  This leaves the door open for what comes next and at the end of the issue there is also an ad for a book which is the prequel to this so I must check that out now as well.   With the right amount of action, humor and mystery, Spy Superb has become one of my all-time favorites.

Victor Crowley's Hatchet Halloween Tales #1 (James Kuhoric, S.A. Check, Jason Pell / Cyrus Mesarcia, Puis Calzada, Richard Bonk) (publisher)

A series of stories about Victor Crowley and his desire to kill at that enters his swamp.  The way this starts is with a group of three children who are trick or treating and they are dressed like Victor Crowley.  When they visit someone who escaped the swamp, he goes mad and kills one of the children thinking it is Victor Crowley himself.

I always found it kind of funny that in the "Halloween" films they'd have people dress up as Michael Myers for Halloween.  You can say what you want, but for the same reason why you can't wear masks into a bank on Halloween, you shouldn't be able to dress as monsters that have terrorized your small town.

Groot #1 (Dan Abnett) (Marvel)

This is a sort of origin story for Groot, at least to the extent that his planet was set on fire and now he is the only survivor left along with two of his friends.   He got picked up by some humans who seem to not be able to understand him and I've always wondered how Groot got by with the language when it seems like Rocket can understand him, but what of his whole time existing before meeting Rocket.

That seems to be what this story is going to be about and as we go along for the ride we're also going to be looking out for some group of baddies that is literally destroying planets.  It's an interesting story idea to say the least and to find out more about Groot in the process just makes it all seem even more fun.

They're All Terrible #2 (Matt Kindt / Ramon Villalobos) (Bad Idea)

The story continues as our group of heroes (?) is on a quest to find the best in the land at any price to defend their city.   During this journey, they have found a mighty warrior without a tongue, a young child looking for refuge and a pirate who shot a cannonball through his former leader in an act of accidental mutiny.

As each new character gets their own introduction, we have these little stories along the way to what I feel will eventually lead up to the entire group getting back to the city and defending it.  I like that this is such an odd group of characters but together they seem to work.  I can't wait to see who they pick up next.  

Something Is Killing The Children #1 (Pen & Ink) (James Tynion IV / Werther Dell'Edera) (Boom! Studios)

Whether or not you've been reading Something Is Killing The Children, this is a Pen & Ink issue which can look like a rough draft in terms of the artwork (but is still really cool) but also it has notes on the bottom from the creators.    So if you think of a single issue comic book being released in the same way as a DVD then this would be the DVD with director's commentary.

I like what this series is doing on the whole but this just seems like an added bonus.  I feel like more comic books should do this, though many of them add this commentary as a special feature when you buy the trade paperback version of the first six issues.  The way that this just comments on every single page is something I've never seen before and would like to see more of with other series.