Music Review // Laura Reznek "Time in the World"

What I love right away about this song by Laura Reznek is that it has this feeling of pop to it within the sound, but the way it is structured it might not be radio friendly.  At the start, this is a desolate pop song with pianos and it just feels like it's in a big room.  Acoustic strings come in and the line which is the title, "All of the time in the world" is repeated as almost a mantra.   Beats and claps come in and this maintains the same course.

About halfway through the song more lyrics enter.  This is intense and at one point it asks "Wouldn't you like to sleep?"   Big distortion with that crunch comes in as this journeys to its end.  Especially with pop songs you tend to think of them as being verse/chorus/verse, but Laura Reznek has this build where it starts at a one and takes us up to a ten, such as you would on an incline.  It just grows louder and stronger as it goes on.

The idea of having all of the time in the world is quite an interesting one.  In recent years more than ever it has felt like the life expectancy of the world is going down and so it doesn't feel that infinite any more.  At the same time, it seems like we're going to have shorter life spans perhaps because of everything else going on in the world.

I like to listen to this song and think of it in the opposite terms of what it says in the title.  I like to use it as motivation to do something because we don't have all the time in the world and if there is something you're planning on doing but you keep putting it off you might never get that chance to do it.  "Time in the World" is really an anthem for me to seize the day and hopefully it can be the same for you.  


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