Music Review // ZZ Ward "On One"

If you listen to enough music for a long enough time, it will take a lot to surprise you but this sound of ZZ Ward has caught me off guard.   On one hand, "On One" sounds like this big anthem of a song but in a rock way.   It's that type of power rock you hear on the radio that takes over mainstream and just makes you want to get up and move.   It's that type of rock that's full of pop but in the best possible way.

This might not seem like a big deal, but trust me this rock sound of ZZ Ward is a big deal, but then on top of that you have this sound of the singing which can come out a lot of times almost like rapping.   This aspect of the song really reminds me of someone like Nicki Minaj and if you think of the radio rock as being like AJR, those are just two types of artists I never thought I'd put into the same sentence, into the same sound.

And the thing about this all too is that ZZ Ward isn't going into this song trying to make a rock/hip hop style anthem.   This just seems to be the sound that comes naturally to ZZ Ward rather than thinking of it as trying to copy any other artist.  It makes this new sound, which in itself is refreshing, but the way it also just brings this energy, this electricity makes it even more appealing.  

I also really enjoy the fact that this song is called "On One" and it's about exactly what the title says.   If you don't quite understand what it means to be "On One", then listen to this song and you'll quickly understand the entire mood.   But if you do know and you feel like you are about to be on one, then this is the perfect song for you to have coming out of your speakers while you do what you've got to do.  


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