Cassette Review // matt robidoux "music for aluminum corn"

This cassette begins like it is going very high up in tone, but then drops down quite low.  The strum of something such as a harp now comes through and brings with a bit of magic and whimsy.   The more I hear it though the more I think it might even just be the piano keys.   Ringing with that sense of magic and church organs now.   Somewhat of a Fractured Fairytales vibe just as well.

A sound like acoustic percussion comes in next and I just imagine these steel drums, such as one would play in an island rhythm, along with these laser blasts coming through in somewhat of a video game manner.   The way these two sounds come together to form something not entirely of the island or video game vibe, yet it could be a video game set on an island where Mega Man is running around blasting enemies with a lasergun or the such.    There are a lot of fun electronics and beeps in here.

Piano keys come in and it feels a bit like organ rock.  Into the next song and it is the sound of banging, as if a metal pot is being struck, followed by those wind chime tones fluttering.   The rhythm in which the beats come through feels like hip hop.  There is this sound which feels like the shifting of sand and with these magical tones ringing through still I just feel like we're at the beach on a bright and sunny day.

As these sounds come through, they sometimes do so in bursts which can make it feel like we're on a computer and they are in response to some kind of task or prompt.   The electronics grow louder and feel closer to the sound of a modem now.   It even begins to ring like a haunted dialtone.   This mood switches suddenly to the idea of a saxophone and just some elevator easy listening type of jams.   And then everything just begins to sound like we're changing frequencies before a soft sax piece.  

On the flip side we open with the distinct sound of sad strings and a frog croaking.   The sound of ringing like a bell on a bicycle and then we're into just the frogs.   The beats are back now, but there are also a lot of electronics in here making it quite loud.  Whirrs enhance the dramatic element of this as those strings return as well.   This feels like a big orchestra production number.   Strings are delicately plucked and this also begins to feel like the score to a silent film.

Everything is so deliberate in the way which this feels like a dance.   Through the soft crackling, like a fire, tones come through like lasers and the dance begins all over again, as if with the waking up in the morning with a brand new sun.   This all comes to a head and then we bring out this loud sound of electronics and percussion which at first I thought was country but quickly turned into a jazz-like sound.  You can hear the woodwinds and this is just lovely.   I can definitely hear a flute in here as well.   A bit like Trance Macabre, this just ends as a giant show and I really do enjoy that as a grand finale.


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