Cassette Review //
(Tetryon Tapes)

What I love about Baby Tyler is that while you can hear some of the influences on "Imposter", the way they're presented still puts this cassette into a category all of its own.  Through distortion and wild drums this feels a bit psych because of the vocals.  Melody can come through in waves, but the singing is still screamy.

At heart, this feels like raw punk but it doesn't always come out that way in the music.  It feels gritty, like The Dickies.   The sound can speed up like Dead Boys and Guttermouth as well.  But it does slow down to become more of a slower punk / rock n roll way, which makes me think of The Velvet Underground.  

Through guitar solos, this can also remind me of a band such as Blind Melon or just someone from that post grunge era of the 1990's.   I believe if this cassette was released decades ago, Baby Tyler could've played Woodstock '94.   Just something about the sound and what I feel like would be an energetic, chaos-fueled live show.

Overall the best way to describe this sound is that it cannot be described.  You have these screaming vocals which sound like they've been lifted from some other band and placed inside of this punk n roll sound.  On paper, whatever comparison you made just wouldn't sound as good as what the actual outcome is here in this music.  


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