Music Review // Gregory Hutchinson (feat. Liselotte Östblom) "New Dawn"

The sound of Gregory Hutchinson feels like something straight out of the 1990's and this song feels like one I would've had on cassingle at that time.  From elements of Salt N Pepa to TLC to Mary J. Blige, there is just that certain sound of R&B, a little bit of hip hop and a lot of soul.  This is the type of music I grew up with and I just don't feel like as many artists are still creating it as much in the present tense.

With this sound and the song being called "New Dawn" I feel like it has that overall vibe of "everything old is new again".   Maybe this type of music never really went away, but I'd love to see artists make music like this more, bringing back the style of PM Dawn and Arrested Development.  It's just that type of sound I don't hear a lot and don't reference a lot but have a wall full of cassettes with it on it and I'd like to hear more of it.

This song, as seems to be the theme for Gregory Hutchinson, is about rebirth.  It's about starting over.  People always look at video games and wonder why we can't hit the reset button in real life.   Guess what?  You can!  Cut all your hair off, grow a beard if you don't have one, change your name, move to a different country.  Life is yours for the taking and no one has to live with the choices you make at the end of the day except for you.

If you've ever felt like you were in the background of your own life, a supporting cast member if you will, just remember that this life is yours and as the song says you should live it your way.  You are the main character in your story.   This song serves as a great reminder of that and hopefully it will become the theme song for many people, sparking a movement in both music and lifestyle changes.  


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