Music Review //
"Say What U Want"

Right away, you can hear the melody pouring out of JAD.   With acoustics and drum machine sounding beats, JAD has a sound between the Lyndsay Diaries and Elliott Smith.  This song begins somewhat softer, turns into this slower musical break down but then by the end gains a bit of steam and grows quite intense.

During this song, there are lyrics such as: "I can't be Jesus Christ for you" and when taken in context they will make sense.  The way I see "Say What U Want" is as this song where the person singing it is just asking someone else to be more straight forward and open with them.  But at the same time, as much as we try to help other people, sometimes we can't and as individuals we have to take on our own responsibilities as well.

I look at it this way: I can give you all of the tools to help you succeed.  If it's a test you have to pass, in any sense of that word, I can stay up all night studying with you and give you notes, websites, whatever it takes to drive the points home.  But at the end of the day, when the time comes, I can't take that test for you.  That part is up to you.

And I think with our relationships- whatever level they might be on- we have that idea of "I can only take you this far" and sometimes the other person don't agree with that.  But to at least say what you want, to verbalize what you are expecting and then to go from there is the start of how this all plays out.  Sometimes people just don't communicate as well as they should so hopefully this song and JAD can help you work that out.  


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