Cassette Review // COMPACTOR "WORK FOR HIRE"

Through distorted loops there are clusters of electronics and beats.  The way this has that sound of noise and harsh noise but also crosses with industrial and even a techno vibe at times really impresses me.   It slows down and gets quieter, more minimal, but also can feel as if someone is laughing.   Deeper bass sounds whirl through now with this haunted type of sound behind it all.  

That feeling of a helicopter comes through next.   Big bass beats drop like bombs.   Electronics are scratching and beeping to where it can sound like droids, still with that beat bouncing.   As the beat stops there is this hollow glass ringing that grows increasingly sharper as it goes on.   Beats return and it feels like straight up hip hop now.   The beat slips and drops.   Electronics reverberate through to close out that song.

Slower beats come through now with an alien feeling surrounding them.  It truly feels like a spacecraft from another planet is landing down here on earth.   A little bit of creaking can be heard within this sound as well.   The electronics begin to sound like they're singing now.   This feels like a computer error and I like how it's set in a certain rhythm.   Stomping now comes through with other sounds of errors.

Even though it still sounds like it's glitching a little bit, it has a beat now.   Big electronic beats follow through like The Prodigy.   Electronics swirl through this and it feels like we're lost in space and time.   The beats return to once again give off that hip hop vibe.   That buzzing returns and there are sounds like we're having fights with lasers in space.   Rapid fire beats now as well.   Everything becomes quieter on the next song, which feels like a field recording with a little bit of feedback in it.

Bursts of distortion come through now and grow louder, which makes them feel as if they are getting closer as well.   Sounds like sirens in the background now.    This all comes to an end and on the flip side we begin with these industrial sounds but the beats are very electric.   This vibe is just really fun, fast paced and mechanical.  There is a beat you can dance to, and it really feels like it's something that's industrial at the same time.

This all slows down now as the beat drags out and there are electronics behind it.  A hollow sounding tone comes through now as well and this all feels like the wind is blowing heavy.   The bass drone shifts like Pole Position now and you can just hear that engine roar.   A digging sound also comes in and this just feels like we're out using a metal detector on some sort of nuclear wasteland.  

We get into a party now with electronics like droids and this repeating almost-alarm sound.   But this all comes together with this rhythm where you can dance to it and I think that's among the best things about COMPACTOR- having that way where you feel like it's an error message on a computer or a fire alarm or something that in society is generally deemed as being a sound you don't want to hear, but thus is turned into a song you can dance to the beat. 


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