Cassette Review // id m theft able "No."

We begin with some droning, then some wavy sounds come through as what feels like an accordion also brings in a more harsh sound to join all of this.    There is an alarming type of sound with this and everything just feels like it's shaking now, no longer a steady drone but a wavy one.   Ambient tones come in now as well, making this all feel relaxing as that one siren-like sound has left.    Through high pitched scraping, it feels like something is being picked up and dropped back down.    The sound becomes very animalistic here.

I can recognize these sounds as being made through physical objects, perhaps a balloon or chalkboard, but my mind also just wants to keep thinking of this as having something to do with donkeys as it does resemble their sounds as well.   It twists and turns and begins to sound quite mutant.   I am very much reminded of the scene in "Pinocchio" where the boys start turning into donkeys and this just feels like that is happening but in a more organic way of sound.

Bass comes through in the background like footsteps and then this feeling of magical windchimes comes in as well.  This all feels very much scrambled and it started with more of a drone but has now become more of a panic.   The fluttering electronics really make this portion of the piece feel hectic and I enjoy that it has gone from a more calm state to one of urgency.   Though it slows down a bit, you can still hear the electronics and other sounds behind them as well.

As we near the end, the sound becomes more isolated and stretched out.  It felt like many things were happening at the same time before and now they're being given more of that individual attention.   Sounds of glass being hit, but then just this somewhat quiet buzz droning now, as the music has once again reached a calming point.   Whirrs cut through now, as this one just gently reaches its end.  


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