Music Review // Gideon King & City Blog & Ashley Hess "Somewhere Only We Know"


When people hear this song they might not realize it's a cover right away.  For one thing, the original by Keane is from 2004, nearly twenty years old now, and Keane isn't the type of band that's a household name or even really known for one song.  To me, Keane is one of those bands where when I hear the name I remember them but I don't really remember anything else about them.  

The music on this song by Gideon King & City Blog is largely piano-driven.  It opens up wide spaces for music to come through in a pop way.  It has those makings of a song by an artist like Nelly Furtado or Alicia Keys.   Though also a lesser known artist to me, this has similar vibes to "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten.  

All of this comes together though because with this dreamy sense of pop come the vocals from Ashley Hess.  When listening to the original (which I did again) I think the biggest difference between it and this version is how much soul this song seems to have.  And the original version was quite passionate, this just seems to be more soul in that R&B/jazz way.

Ultimately this song is different enough from the original that you can get a sense of the vast musical talent of Gideon King & Blog City as well as Ashley Hess.  But yet, there is also that factor that maybe people forgot or just didn't know about Keane for whatever reason and this song might make them aware of the original as well.   Music having those layers and giving is just something you can never seem to get enough of.


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