Music Review //

First off, this music video begins with a text conversation and any time you use this lazy device in a movie or television show I'm not reading it, but for purposes of this music video it does work and I read it.   But then also, it becomes a matter of who breaks up with someone over text message?  That's how this song starts off and it feels like someone is about to be upset over that.  And rightfully so.

This music video has a lot of energy, between the band playing and being tied up in the backseat, and the song itself has this big mix of rock and pop.  There are elements of Imagine Dragons and fun. but especially with the way the verses are delivered I hear Twenty One Pilots in here as well.  It even breaks down into this small piano part, with lyrics coming close to rap and that reminds me of something 21P would do.

But at this hits the chorus and has those almost screamed vocals, then breaks down into a quiet part before the end you can really hear how Encore has created their own sound.   At the end of this music video it gets rather solemn and there is a hospital bed so it feels like this main character has died.  The whole song isn't about being done but rather that someone texted that they were done and this person isn't done yet, but the finality of the video seems to suggest otherwise.

Still, I think this is a great anthem for the club and radio, for your party or just wherever you happen to be.  It's about surviving.   It's about not letting someone else dictate your life.  And if you really want to feel like you are done and over something, then you could take this song a different way, but ultimately I think it should be played loudly to let the world know that you might be done with me but I'm still here and I'm not done with you.  


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