Cassette Review // Hauras "The Gyre" (KATUKTU COLLECTIVE)

When this cassette begins there is the sound of distorted space with electronics being launched through it.   As it goes on, there is this distinct feeling of percussion within the haunted laughs and bass notes which feel like footsteps.  This shifts the sound from one spatial ambient to one of eerie jazz.

This shifts back to a quieter sound now with tones echoing slightly through.  It's in the vast void of space once again, though this time it also feels like a beacon being lost and sending out signals for a safe return.   A very ambient drone fills the entire space now.    This continues in the dark and eerie way, which really has tied this cassette together so far: that feeling of it being haunted.  

Voices can be heard speaking and synth tones come through now.   Faint singing can be heard in the background now and also somehow the sound of breathing.   This definitely has that feeling of perhaps scaring some people if played in the dark and alone.   This become this constant ringing, such as the strum of a guitar.   This sound feels like it's coming down as a warning from a belltower for all to hear.

On the flip side we begin with some audio like speaking and then these electronic ping pong balls dance around.   There is singing in here as well.   The singing has that creeping feeling, somewhat like "Boris The Spider" but a little whispered.   Whirrs come through next like it's windy.   A louder voice interrupts this and it feels like we're being told we can board our plane now.  There are definitely loudspeaker vibes to that audio.

Quieter notes come through now and this is back to the ambient side of music.  Percussion comes in and this is just chill.   As it swirls around it feels as if voices are in the background but they are coming through in a manipulated way so as not to sound as they would normally.   A little bit of Phil Collins in this percussion as well.

As the sound feels like it's drifting off into bliss, it returns with a loudly distorted electric guitar now.  Notes and chords come through to interrupt any sense of calm you might have been gaining.   Singing is coming through with the guitar now.  It feels like something The Beatles might have done in their experimental years.  

The sound of breathing returns with sharp notes behind it.   Those bass notes come through again, almost suspicious.   As these notes come in one by one, almost in the Pink Panther sneaking way, the song comes to an end along with the cassette, leaving the overall feeling somewhere between haunted and relaxed.  


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