Music Review // Eric H.F. Law "RECREATE"

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The music of Eric H.F. Law is interesting because it begins with this acoustic feeling, like Jack Johnson, but then gets percussion and other sounds added as it goes on.  The general feeling on this album overall though is a positive one as the music is upbeat and uplifting.  It's not quite rock and it's not quite pop, but the way it falls somewhere in between just makes this so enjoyable to listen to because it doesn't have any ways that can upset anyone.

One thing which has always struck me in music is how there is an entire genre of music dedicated to "worship".  You know what that means because it's the type of music you listen to if you go to church a lot.   And it's funny to me that it's an entire genre when it should be more about the message of the music.  Still, for both of these reasons I feel like Eric H.F. Law could fall under that category of worship even if "RECREATE" isn't that religious.

Granted, on the song "Uneasy Glory" there is mention of Kane and Abel, but it's not like this entire album is a Sunday sermon.   They're just used to drive home the point of whether or not we are our brothers keeper, which is something I think we all struggle with because we want so badly to help others but can only take them so far ourselves and the rest is up to them.  

"Who Tells Us" has this drive like 10,000 Maniacs while "Hands on my Shoulder" is smooth and chill with those organ keys coming through.   A lot of what can be heard throughout this album feels just like it radiates positivity.  This might not be worship in the sense that it doesn't get preachy in a church sense, but the overall message and vibe does feel similar so being able to experience that without directly experiencing it seems like a win.  


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