Music Review // Kalila Badali "Helpless"

At some point in our life, whether we want to admit it or not, we've all felt helpless for one reason or another.   Kalila Badali captures this feeling on the song "Helpless", which can be a calm, soothing type of melodic rock.  Somewhere between Polly Scattergood and the softer side of Slothrust, Kalila Badali finds a voice which you will ultimately relate back with the artist.

With a big voice this song is also moving in the way that it can be emotional while listening to the lyrics but it is also moving in the sense that it has a steady pace to it.  A line you can take out of context and still enjoy is: "I'm too tired to be anybody's friend today" and that idea of apathy just lends its hand to us feeling helpless a lot of the time.

Though as the song goes on, the lyrics become more serious and confess things such as: "didn't want to be that way / didn't know any other way to be", which is also something which comes from being helpless.  While you cannot help others, the worst part of being helpless is that you can't even help yourself so you just feel stuck because you'd change it if you could.

Kalila Badali has given us all a good reminder here that while it's tough for us to be in a helpless state personally, hopefully this will also serve as a way to remember that when others are in a helpless state it is not something they can control and they want to be out of it as much as you want them out of it.   This song feels like it goes both ways and should be taken to heart for when such a situation arises.  


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