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Soul Gaze

As soon as "IT ALL EXISTS" begins you'll hear snapping and that sets the tone in a large way for the rest of the album.  Soul Gaze has managed to find the line between pop and soul, jazz and R&B and just overall somewhat experimental while remaining within pleasant melodies.  The sound channels many different artists spanning different genres and I feel like the more you listen to it the more names you can pick out until it just begins to sound like Soul Gaze.

One of the most diverse artists who I hear coming out in these songs is Fiona Apple.  That name can mean a lot of things to different people, but I especially hear the latest Fiona Apple album sound in here.    There is a little bit of that Florence and the Machine and Adele sound as well.    By "The Queen" I really begin to hear the ambient qualities of the sound, bringing forth comparisons with Enya.

Lyrically this album takes us to places that many albums don't wish to talk about.  The song "Six Little Words" is about the words "I get you / I got you" and I feel like a lot of people are misunderstood and rather than others trying to understand them, they just get left behind.   The song "Changed" is also about how people change and within relationships it's okay but people don't talk about how you're not the same person five years later and that can lead to breaking up.  Love is a constant changing thing.

At one point the singing is fast paced and on "Fire" there are bongos to set the mood.  The song "The Juice" even feels a little bit exotic.    "Do Less Be More" is a great song but also a great mantra and I think that overall we need to realize that relationships (romantic, friends, family, business) come and go but we're still here so in the end we have to be true to ourselves.  At the end of the day we still want to be able to look ourselves in the mirror.  


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