Music Review // The Muse Frequency "Diary of an Artist in Love"

When first listening to this album, it sounds as if the first song "Love is, I" is an introduction of sorts, but once you get further into it you realize this is setting the tone for the entire album.  I have no basis on which to compare this because The Muse Frequency has created something unlike anything else I have ever heard before.

These songs are all spoken word and behind them is this air of ambient sound with an occasional synth type tone driving by as well.  It's very much relaxing to the point where I think of the music itself as being what you might hear when you go to a fancy spa and are in the hot tub or getting a massage.    This is a sound that I must warn you might put you to sleep so I don't recommend listening to this while doing things such as driving.

And it's interesting to think about sleep with this as well because it is so softly spoken and chill that I feel like it's meant to be listened to while you're sleeping, to some degree.  I think about a time when there were a lot of self help tapes out there and the idea was that if you played them while you slept you would lose weight, have higher self esteem or be able to understand Spanish.  I'm not sure if those work (I do have some but I've never messed with them) but this does feel like it has that subliminal edge to it.

With ten songs in total, every other song is a version of "Love is", which is just a list of things that love is like.   The words are soft to the point where they almost feel like a whisper, but the way they are pronounced also makes me think of ASMR.   Thinking of this as a self help tape of sorts, it would be interesting to play this at night while you sleep because it could definitely leave you with that feeling of being loved when you wake up.  


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