Music Review //
Alex Exists
"Mindful Madness"

Alex Exists creates this sound of music which can be described as dark pop with elements of rock.   Throughout this song, there is this carnival-like feel to this song and rightfully so as the music video makes it feel as if it takes place on such a stage.  Part My Chemical Romance, part something else which can only come from Alex Exists, this song reflects the nature of its lyrics.

As Alex Exists had a previous single with "Dancing With Chaos", this only feels fitting because that idea of "Mindful Madness" just feels like you're doing something which could be considered crazy but yet you're still somehow in control the whole time.  If you've ever felt like your mind wasn't in your body and instead your eyes were showing you a movie then this song might be for you.

During this music video, coming out and going behind the curtain, there are also these animated characters which remind me of Bendy.   Though I know they're not, they just have that same style to them and though they might seem harmless as if they are for children, I know they can also be quite dangerous.   As the song itself says: "Subliminal creatures / secret believers", which comes from a time of not knowing who or what to believe.

One of the best parts about being alive now is having such easy access to information, but unfortunately that also comes with the ability of others to suppress what we might need to know and bury it under stories that are less relevant.   As the song says: "Censored stories, hacks and death threats / Security or surveillance? Damned if we do anything at all" and this is how I feel a lot of the time because it seems like when we speak the truth we're silenced.    So let's keep this song and the truth alive.


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