Cassette Review //
Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean
"Behind The Veil Inside The Machine"
(Redscroll Records)

If you have never heard Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean before, this might be as good a place as any to start.   The slow, prodding metal sound of music with screaming vocals reminds me of artists such as Scars of Tomorrow and Today Is The Day.  This sound is just raw and really heavy, something I miss in music these days.

Back in the early '00's it felt like you could find bands in the hardcore scene that just got heavier and heavier.  But somewhere along the way, everyone wanted to have pretty melodic vocals as well, so this style of music really faded.   This is why I feel so happy when it seems like it's coming back to the front of the line.   

With those sweet guitar riffs you can put any type of doom or maybe even sludge tag on this, but the fact is it just gets in there and shreds.   Music doesn't always have to hit at 100mph to feel this violent and sometimes it's that slow torture that is the better kill.   This cassette also ends with a cover of "Hurt", which is originally by Nine Inch Nails but I always associate with Johnny Cash now.  


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