Music Review //
Vicky von Vicky

"Jealousy" is something that I feel we've all faced in our lives and it typically doesn't end well.  The sound of Vicky von Vicky explains this through melodic rock, along the same lines as Smoking Popes, Weezer and "That Thing You Do!".   There is a really sweet guitar solo in here as well, which just makes it lean harder towards that side of rock.

This music video is rather clever because it has that idea of something which can be done in a simple way but also cost effective.  Many artists just do lyric videos with words on the screen as text and they tend to look the same.  Here, Vicky von Vicky has a background like a rug perhaps and the words fall onto it- sometimes with images as well- as if they were cut from a magazine.  One part says about laughing and crying and shows a "haha" and water drops for tears.

I'm not saying that everyone should run out and copy this style of music video, but the fact that it's creative is what should be focused on here.   More artists should find that creative side and do things which are not the same but similar.  This isn't a fancy, thousands of dollars produced music video but it still gets the point across and is a step far above the typical lyric videos we all know too well.

But having this upbeat way of creating a point about jealousy is fun because it tackles a topic which many don't want to explore and does so in a manner which doesn't feel threatening.  This song doesn't say "You're wrong for being jealous", but more points the blame at jealousy itself, as if it is a third member of the relationship between two.   I think this song should be used as that great reminder that sometimes our emotions get the best of us.  


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