Music Review // Harehound "Claws"


The music of Harehound is energetic.   From the moment it starts until the moment it ends, it just keeps going at this danced-speed.   With elements of rock and pop, Harehound has the type of sound you might hear on a pop radio station and though there are some modern influences the way that this really sounds overall just feels so personal to Harehound.

As the song says: "There ain't nobody I want / There ain't nobody but you", and then the lyrics also go on to confirm that: "My claws come out when you're around".  This is nice change of pace for lyrics about fighting because rather than just going out to look for trouble this song is more about fighting for what (who) you want.  

We live in a fairly care-free world now, seemingly more so since the pandemic, and so to have someone sing this fast paced, electro-rock song about fighting but have it be in a positive way, more of a "I'll do whatever it takes to get you and keep you" vibe, it just sparks some hope in society.  

Like a faster paced version of "Gold Guns Girls" by Metric, Harehound has found a sound which can be both appealing to your ears and when you listen to the words and really begin to understand them, you can get that message of loyalty.   That is something which you don't hear enough about these days and I wish there were more songs like "Claws".  


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