Music Review //
Diane Gentile feat: Alejandro Escovedo
"Walk With Me"

One thing I miss about the 1990's is that there seemed to be a lot of duets and just pairings in general of popular musicians.  I know that a trio of singers came together for a "Three Musketeers" soundtrack, but just having someone singing with someone else because they were both really good seems to be a concept lost in modern times.   As I hear Diane Gentile and Alejandro Escovedo here though, I think about those older songs when musicians got together to create.

More than anything else, "Walk With Me" has a sound of melodic rock.  It's just pleasant.  Both Diane Gentile and Alejandro Escovedo take turns singing and it really makes it feel like a classic duet.  The biggest names I can think of to bring together in comparison are Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen, but then that also makes me wonder why more artists haven't worked together and who were some of the biggest missed opportunities out there.

At some point in the early '00's it became a big deal to walk alone and just be able to do things by yourself.  I felt like it was that way anyway.  Songs seemed to take on that "I can do it by myself and don't need anyone else" attitude, and so it is refreshing, especially post pandemic, to see a song about bringing people together that has lyrics which are just inviting.  In the most literal of ways, I know I should walk for exercise I just wish I had someone to walk with, to motivate me.

During this music video you will see people walking around, on their adventures, throughout the city and it just makes me wish I walked more.  I imagine a viral challenge on social media where people post videos of themselves walking while this song plays and then clips of those videos turn into one big montage video.  That feels like a great way to bring people closer together and community is a lot of what music is about.  


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