Music Review // Jeremy Voltz "Sunrise"

From start to finish, the song "Sunrise" is a pleasant burst of energy.   Equal parts The Weeknd, Jason Derulo and Bruno Mars, the way this is such a bop makes me wonder why Jeremy Voltz isn't a bigger star because this song should just be stuck in everybody's head.  It's so catchy but also just fun, especially in a sunshining-summer way as well.

This music video has a great vibe.   It's just a lot of fun.  From the beach to the pool, it's sunny and just a happy situation all around.  When you think about going away on a tropical vacation to an island like Hawaii or the Bahamas, this is what I picture.  This video has that bright mood which should also just make you want to get up and dance.

A hit which should be on the radio, this is the type of song that should be playing loudly out of cars right now and on playlists at parties.  Whether on the beach or in your backyard, this is the feel good anthem of the summer.  And if you imagine it taking place in the late afternoon into evening, then there are even certain connotations involving seeing the sun rise, as in a code for spending the night together. 

Even though the connection is there as strongly musically, this video and overall vibe remind me of someone like Ricky Martin.  We're just out here living our best lives.  I think there's always a time for celebration, a time to kick off your shoes and relax, have fun and forget about what troubles you.  This video is a reminder to take a break from all that stresses you out and just appreciate life as it appears around you, like a sunrise.  


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