Music Review //
Miel Azevedo
"Healing Tears"

Miel Azevedo has created a sound of wild jazz that can bring about ideas of both art and passion.   Through the bass line, singing and keys you can hear the soul of the music.  It all moves so fast though, like a free improvisation, but it also just feels so raw at the same time, so wild.  The sound itself is also fast moving, never slowing down and never letting up throughout.

Because of this pacing and the fact that this song is nearly a minute and a half, "Healing Tears" also feels as if it draws some of its influence from punk rock.  Not in the sense of style but rather just in the way of being direct and getting to the point.  Sometimes, songs can go on for too long.   You feel like you get the point of them and still they persist.  Miel Azevedo does not have this problem.

This music video is rather provocative.  It's two people, scantily clad, kissing, touching, hugging and rolling around.  Back in the heyday of MTV, with artists like Janet Jackson and Madonna this was not all that uncommon, but as modern artists find that music videos can still be a viable form of expressing themselves, I find it good that Miel Azevedo has also decided to push those limits in terms of sexual content.

"Healing Tears" feels like it comes and goes before you can ever really sink your teeth into it, but that can be solved with multiple listens.   This whole sound just has left me wanting more music by Miel Azevedo and in many ways that is what a song, or in this case even a single, is meant to do.   Hopefully you will listen to this one and find yourself drawn into this world just as well.  


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