Cassette Review // John Collins McCormick "Healthy Alternative To Thinking" (Public Eyesore Records)

This begins with a sound like ringing, but it also just feels constant like a motor.  The shuffling of metal now, like going through the silverware drawer.   It sounds like a drill too, but it's just something constantly going.   Then the dragging of metal tools around a metal bowl type of sound.   The way this also feels like it could either be in the kitchen or out in the middle of the road is nice because I just imagine someone with spoons and forks creating this sound during construction on a highway.

Sharper tings now, but that motor is still purring.   With a rattling it all comes to a close and then quieter sounds come through now.  Electronic bugs scurry.  A more drawn out motor sound and then some metal clanging as well.  Somehow this also feels like rain.  It's the jackhammer sound once again as well.   The ringing still feels metal now like silverware, but it also has a nice way of sounding like a bell before becoming that drill again.

On the flip side we open right back up with that rattling sound and metal.  It feels like items are being placed and moved around in a bowl, but it also could just be a matter of taking sounds that items make and isolating it then looping it after recording.  It all is rather complex and what makes it in a literal sense is something which will remain a mystery to me.

Louder, faster banging of pots and pans now gives off a strong percussion vibe.   That rattling around returns now and there is just also some hard banging.   Louder, harsher sounds now like something is glitching or just coming through full blast.  This was loud in a certain sense before, but now it just became a whole new level of loud.   You can hear the sound circling the drain now and this just becomes hypnotic.   That ringing drill returns one last time, briefly, as this exploration in sound comes to an end.


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