Music Review // Paul Supreme "Ninja Sword"

Listen on Spotify here.

The music of Paul Supreme cuts through so many similar genres this song feels like it's impossible not to like.  At its core, there are these hip hop roots you can feel coming through which make me think of Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone and blackbear.  There is just that crossover feeling where it's not one specific genre but multiple genres at once.

On top of that, there are these drum machine beats which really make me think about a song more from the 1980's and 1990's.  As much as this feels like PM Dawn and that sort of R&B genre from that time, it can also feel like something Phil Collins might've had a hand in.  It's just that chill, retro feeling of music that existed at that time.

As if that wasn't enough there is this modern take on both of these sounds also.  It comes out like a bedroom pop song.   It could have tags like "chillgaze" or "dreampop".   It just has these bliss-filled tones that make it feel like we're in this genre of music that took off in the early '00's but has become even more so popularized now.

The beauty within this song though is that Paul Supreme has found a way to blend all of these sounds together.  If you're younger, you might just hear the more current influences.  And the way that this sound can take on different shapes based on the listener and just mold them all together to create one new sound is exactly what music should be doing in the future.  


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