Cassette Review // The Bumbling Woohas "Static Binge"

  There are two sides to this cassette and each side means something different.  On the first side there are four songs recorded by The Bumbling Woohas in a non-live setting and then the flip side has a live mix of songs.   This idea really intrigued me (and I almost wanted to buy all the cassettes they had, but felt greedy) as Side B was songs they recorded through the night while on tour.

So, as an example, this specific cassette that I bought was being recorded during their show back in May at Never Ending Books in New Haven CT.   Live songs were recorded of Lars and Their Lilac Uke, MJ Bones, The Bumbling Woohas, Myles Bullen and Blueraspberry.  But, essentially this second side was exclusive to this cassette only (which I have) and had I gotten a different cassette or someone else bought a cassette they'd have the same Side A but different artists performing live on Side B.

I felt partial to the cassette from the night of the show, the CT show, and not from another state or another stop on the tour because I really enjoyed the show itself so much.  This cassette literally came out of the tape recorder after recording a song by Blueraspberry and into my hands after I had paid for it.   That's kind of neat and I think if more artists have the means they should do something like this as well.

The acoustics of The Bumbling Woohas are wild.  The first song on this cassette has the saw, which I only really know because I saw it played live.   I enjoy the line "Hold me then tell me I'm on my own", which can be found in the second song, and these songs are just full of lyrics which you can eventually grow to sing along with but also are just so well written.

With the dance beats come the harmonica on the last song, which is about scrolling and I like how it all comes together both lyrically and musically.   There exists a Blueraspberry song which has the saw in it and that is the song which appears on Side B here and I just feel like this cassette is worth buying because of the sounds and everything based around the first four songs but also just holding that little slice of music history on the flip side makes it even more special to me.  

A post on Facebook suggests to DM The Bumbling Woohas if you are interested in buying a version of this cassette:

The Bumbling Woohas can be found on Bandcamp here:


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