Music Review //
Granny Smith

The sound of Granny Smith is this acoustic feeling looping which has elements of the sitar as well.   It's instrumental, but as you listen to it swirl around and expand in your space it really doesn't need words as it just feels like that would be overdoing it.   There is something to be said for this song falling somewhere between the sound of acoustics and electrics, though I feel it might not even contain acoustic instruments.

During the course of this music video you will see colors and shapes changing.  This reminds me of a kaleidoscope, but it just creates these patterns which can sometimes look like actual images and other times can be abstract.  For example, at one point it can look as if you are at a small swimming hole in the forest but the lens which is being used to show this also happens to be dripping.

This music video is really connected to this sound because as much as you can sit back and watch as this visual shapeshifts, you can also hear the sound changing and it can be reflective of your mood.  If you were driving and needed to be somewhere in a hurry, this song could be that push to get you over the edge, but at the same time if you're just sitting at home relaxing this could also be rather chill.

Music, like most art, should be open to interpretation.  I've never liked tests in school because you'd be graded on what this book said to you and while you're giving your honest interpretation the teachers grade you based on standardized answers.   I imagine "Egypt" playing somewhere loudly with a projector placing these images on a side of a building and the whole city just shutting down to come together and experience this feeling.  


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