Music Review // Mr Missy "Looking For You"

When listening to "Looking For You", it can feel as if the sound of Mr Missy is revealed right away but as this album goes on so does the exploration in sound.   Right away I can hear elements of The Wallflowers and Mr Missy just checks all the boxes for music which has that sound of rock with elements of Americana and folk, even leaning towards country at times.

These songs are moderately paced though some are slower than others.  "The Story" has a honky tonk way about it, while I can also be reminded of Tom Petty.  "Tumbled Up in Love" is a slow and pretty song, which brings us into that Southern electric rock feeling on "Drink To The Future".  As a duet, this song also has strong elements of the blues, which really showcases the range of Mr Missy.

Mr Missy ends this album on a song called "Next To You" which is a bit more on the pop side with lots of cymbals and I feel like all of the genres that have stood out up until now have come together to help form a unique one.   The way this sound becomes something through both modern and classic rock makes it stand out as well.

There was a time in the 1990's when bands like The Wallflowers, Fastball and Marcy Playground came out with that sort of country sound but not quite and it was accepted by the grunge and post grunge scene.  Artists like Cracker really paved the way and I think Mr Missy will be appreciated by those who enjoy Americana and its related genres but this also just transcends genre to become rock.


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