Music Review //
Phillip Vonesh
"Long Shadow"


Phillip Vonesh has found a sound that is melodic and rocking, something for modern times but with that feeling of the 1990's as well.  Somewhere between The Replacements, Deep Blue Something and Stroke 9, Vonesh has this style of a band from the 1990's who had that one song everyone knew on the radio but then released albums beyond full of great music.

The lyrics of this song revolve around the title, casting a long shadow.   It's funny how we can be so much shorter than our shadows in the right light.  There are even some posts out there somewhere in the world and when the light hits them at the exact moment, they don't cast a shadow at all.

As an idea, having a long shadow just seems like something which makes you larger than life.   Love, as this song says casts a long shadow, can often sometimes be more than we thought or originally saw.   This can sometimes be good, but other times it can have a negative affect.  In either case, and I feel like these lyrics explore both, I just think it's nice how these lyrics discuss the concept of shadows.

In a broader sense, you can sometimes see a shadow on the wall at night and think it is something different than what it becomes with the lights on.  Just that whole idea of things not always being what they seem and sometimes your eyes playing tricks on you but applied to love and life is what gives this song so much gusto.  


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