Wrestling Review //
No Peace Underground
Shallow Graves


I will admit right away that I could not stay awake to watch this show.  But then why is it that when I start it on FITE TV there's about six minutes of just staring at the No Peace Underground logo?  As someone who reviews cassettes, this is like when someone puts a 50 minutes album on a 90 minute cassette and you're stuck with all that dead air.  This was the third show by No Peace Underground this weekend and it was their first on FITE TV.   This also was the end (not just for me) of the whole weekend as it was the last show.

The first match saw The End defeat Jake Something & Rohit Raju.  Before this match, Rohit Raju took to the mic and made some statements about how he felt like The Collective was basically one big circle jerk with fans tweeting and everyone patting themselves on the back.  To some extent, I agree with him.  I mean, if what you're doing right now works, then keep doing it, but at some point you might want to feel like you're catering to more than just the same five fans.  I don't know.  I don't focus on the business side of it all but I still somewhat agreed with him here.

After a video package by Bam Sullivan hyping up his fight with Bobby Beverly- who Bam said was just Eddy Only in a cowboy hat- we were informed by commentary that both Bam Sullivan and Bobby Beverly were injured so we wouldn't see that fight.  Then why run the Bam Sullivan video?  Who knows.  This brought out a match between AJ Gray and Hardway Heeter instead.   I'm not sure if this was the match where AJ Gray injured his knee or not, but he won by putting Hardway Heeter through a sheet of glass and after that Hardway Heeter looked injured.

I don't really mind a scramble if I know everyone who is in it and I knew everyone in this scramble match.  Jimmy Lloyd was playing off his Wrestlemania fame by wearing The Hurt Business shirt.   Wrestling is so weird because Kevin Blackwood is on AEW sometimes but he's not signed to AEW so here he is fighting without a ring.  

In what was somewhat of a surreal match, Erick Redbeard defeated Matthew Justice.  It's funny because I've seen Matthew Justice in the ring against Slade in Beyond Wrestling and then I also see him across the ring from Davey Boy Smith Jr. in SWE.   Now, he's fighting a big bad dude who likes metal and this match just delivered.  I was curious to see what Erick Redbeard was going to do since I only really know him from WWE, but he was here to throw shit at Matthew Justice and that plan worked really well for him.

I love Mance Warner and feel like he isn't in enough matches.  There was a time when he was working with the SGC in GCW and at the same time he'd be in MLW and ICWNHB and he'd just pop up at random shows.  Now it seems like you see him less and less, which if it's by his choice then good on him, but I kind of miss Ol' Mancer.   This match against Conor Claxton was about as violent as you'd expect and I just hope Mance Warner makes the comeback he deserves and begins to slowly take over the world.

During this 'Mania weekend, No Peace has technically had three shows: Fatalism, MurderMania and Shallow Graves.   As soon as I posted my review for MurderMania, IWTV put up a replay of Fatalism, which I now must go back and watch.  But before Fatalism, back in February, No Peace did a show called Horrors Of Survival.  During that show, The Sinister Minister James Mitchell issued the challenge to G-Raver on behalf of Su Yung.   That moment right there sold me on this show.  

So here we are, a little over a month later, and it's G-Raver vs. Su Yung.  This match was quite possibly *the* match of the Wrestlemania weekend.  Look, there were other matches that were being built up to during this weekend.  On GCW's Take Kare, Nick Gage returned and set the stage for his match vs. RSP.   But, to me, this was that match which as soon as I knew it was happening, I knew I'd put my money down for this show and boy did this match (and all of the Undead Brides) deliver.   I really love Su Yung and go out of my way to see her.  The fact she can do this match with G-Raver and then she also has a different type of match with Orange Cassidy... I just don't think she's talked about enough in terms of wrestlers who are at their best right now

That was my main event.  The show could have ended there and I would have gone home happy.  But instead, we got a match between Masada and Alex Colon to close things out and, well, to basically end this whole wild ride of an extended weekend.   It's kind of crazy to think about the number of shows I was able to watch live and how many I went back and watched later on.  I watched a total of twelve, but if you count "Fatalism" I'll go up to 13 and then there's even some others (like that New Texas show) which just sneak in there.  But I rarely watch anything live so this was a fun weekend to have wrestling just constantly on the tv and to just have so much fun watching it all.