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(Independent/Ahimsa Creations LLC)


When I first listened to the song "Matrix" I thought it had some qualities of the blues.  I thought it was along those same lines as Santana.   But then the more I listened to it I began to really hear how much it is just trippy rock n roll.   It has a huge influence of Pink Floyd to it, but when you begin to really break it down it is just vocals and the guitar which somehow makes it more psychedelic.

Thanks to Keanu Reeves we all kind of have an idea of what the Matrix would be like.   So when listening to this song by Nonviolenze it doesn't feel like too hard of a concept to grasp.   This is good because it keeps me grounded during the song as otherwise it could feel as if you might float away.   During this music video, squares of images- usually involving Nonviolenze singing and playing the guitar- appear in patterns across the screen.   This is very likely being done deliberately to enhance the otherwise trippy aspects of this song.   

While I do enjoy that this music video syncs up with the song perfectly- in the same way that you could imagine going to one of those laser light shows for Pink Floyd back in the '80's-  there is also this way about the song where it can be heard differently when on its own.  I suggest giving "Matrix" at least one listen when you are able to block out all distractions, are in the complete dark and can close your eyes and focus only on the sound and nothing else.   Upon doing that, this one just hits in a different way.

Listening to one song, seeing one music video, from an artist often leaves me with questions.   What would more songs like Nonviolenze sound like?  Are they all just voice + guitar or do other songs have the bass and drums in them as well?  Maybe to get really trippy we get some synth.   The way this song leaves everything open just shows how creative it is.  You don't know what to expect next from Nonviolenze, but that's okay because this is an experience enough to be satisfied and always wanting more.  


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