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"Rock Bottom"

When I think about the idea of "Rock Bottom" it either goes back to that Enimem song or it's about the wrestler The Rock and his finishing move.   This song is probably closer to the wrestling move though because it's not rap and I could imagine it being used in WWE back when The Rock was an active wrestler there.   It might seem obvious because it is the first word of the song title, but Blueanimal does indeed bring the rock with this one.

On one hand, I feel like this song has two different sounds to it: one being found in the verse and the other in the chorus.   But on the other hand I feel like maybe this is just how some rock bands sound and we haven't heard enough of the rock lately to remember that.  During the verses I can hear some Nine Inch Nails and then when the chorus hits it feels more like Metallica, but those are using the two most popular influences I think everyone would recognize.

Visually there is a video here which has images in it that are partly obscured.   They remain calm during the verses but when that chorus kicks in there is faster movement to compliment it.   In some ways, this makes me think of a music video I might have seen back in the 1990's on MTV for Alice In Chains and I'm all on board with that.   There is a space between making a music video too simple and too complex and what Blueanimal does here is find that space so it's just a fun experience when watching.

I'm not sure what type of animal is blue, but then again maybe that's the point.  If the band was called "Redanimal" then people would just start listing off animals which are red, such as the red panda and then just ask "Well, why not just call yourself Red Panda?"  So I think as far as band names go, Blueanimal passes the t-shirt test because it would make people curious.   This sound also passes the crank it up and drive test and I really want to hear more rocking from Blueanimal because I feel like it's a slowly fading genre.  



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