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Effy's Big Gay Brunch 2021


This was my second FITE TV show purchased as part of The Collective and it would air third in my group of five that I ordered.   I will admit that I ordered this mainly because it was being presented by Effy.   This block could have been three hours of Effy fighting against a wet paper bag (I don't known what that means but it sounds like something someone would say) and I'd still watch it.   If nothing else, Enjoy Wrestling taught us that Effy is also a delight on commentary, so even if this show was just Effy doing commentary over random matches I'd be inclined to watch it.  But then if you go through and actually look at the matches which were booked you'd be foolish not to want to watch it.

The entire show was hosted by the lovely and gorgeous Pollo Del Mar, who immediately got me laughing when reading the rules about where to be when drinking alcohol and asking Effy "What does this mean?"  It is worth noting that at this point in time I had not watched wrestling since the night before- ICWNHB's Battle of the Tough Guys was Friday night for me- and I hadn't watched For The Culture yet either, so I went from Allie Kat's Hot Girl Shit to this show on FITE.   Allie Kat started off this show in a Boy Butter Slippery Scramble with Jared Evans (who seems to be everywhere this weekend), Frontman Jah (whom I love), Killian McMurphy (ugh why), The Whisper (who comes out to Chiodos) and the winner Ashton Starr. 

While I think scrambles can tend to be confusing, the only wrestler I wasn't really too familiar with going into this one was Jared Evans so for me it was a good way to open the show.   Everyone also had their own unique looks- which I think is important- so you're not really going to mix up Killian McMurphy and The Whisper, for example.  I feel like a lot of times the people in these scramble matches are all just bearded dudes who dress the same and that's boring.  

The second match had Edith Surreal get another win back by defeating Devon Monroe.   If you're not familiar with Devon Monroe I would suggest checking out F1RST Wrestling or No Peace Underground on IWTV.   Devon Monroe vs. Jamie Senegal at "Ankou" is insane.  In what was arguably one of *those* matches of the weekend, JD Drake defeated MV Young.   MV Young just tore up everything he did this weekend and much like the match JD Drake had with AJ Gray at Have Fun, Be Sad, this was just one of those matches you should go out of your way to see.  Whatever FITE wants for this show, this match is worth it.

In what was dubbed a Soul On A Pole Match Effy defeated Ace Perry but gave him his soul back anyway.  I liked this match because it was a throwback to Bizarro Lucha in many ways and when I first subscribed to IWTV and really got into independent wrestling again (trust me, independent wrestling now is not like it was in the early '00's) I was watching Bizarro Lucha.  Most of my favorites (like Danhausen and Calvin Tankman) are characters I first saw in Bizarro Lucha.  

The End (Odinson and Parrow) won Parrow's Twink Hunter Tag Team Gauntlet.   I really like The Runway (who also appear in Camp Leapfrog) but my surprise favorite here was Petty In Pink, maybe just because of their name.   Dark Sheik defeated AC Mack next and this was a match that I might have never thought about happening on paper- I might not have ever even considered these two wrestling each other- but this just delivered on so many ways.  It was so different than Dark Sheik vs. Holidead and it wasn't the opponent you would typically expect for AC Mack, but this match did deliver in every way.

To kind of show my hand here in terms of watching/typing, I have since watched For The Culture before typing this all up but I hadn't watched it before I actually watched this event.  So, it makes more sense to me now that Billy Dixon and AJ Gray were in a Pup Collar Match because Billy Dixon set this all up at For The Culture.   AJ Gray is seemingly on every match this weekend- which I love- but Billy Dixon feels like he should be on more shows and I don't disagree.  Billy Dixon was trying to send a message to everyone and even in defeat I think he did.  I'm just not sure if it's as important for Billy Dixon to be part of all the GCW shows as it is for him to just keep doing his thing and building his own brand.

Overall this show was a lot of fun.   For what I was actually watching live, I feel like so much of it was ICWNHB and so I was seeing a lot of death match type of wrestling up until this point.  In that way, you could say I spent a few days just watching action movies.  Watching Effy's Big Gay Brunch was more like seeing a rom-com and it was a nice change of pace in style from what I had seen up until that point.  I also think that this show had some of the best variety of talent in terms of names you know and already see (Effy, AJ Gray) mixed with names you hear a lot about (Edith Surreal) and the names you should know about (Dark Sheik)   This was such solid wrestling from start to finish but I also really just enjoyed it; it was fun.  


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