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On Saturday afternoon, as the events of my Wrestlemania weekend were coming to a close (just a few shows left, but some I had to make up) Beyond Wrestling took a block on IWTV to present Time Capsule.    This show had a total of nine matches on it and to show you where my head was at, we were six matches into the show (it was the Darius Carter match) when I realized, hey, there is no commentary!  I'm not sure why that was but it was a very odd feeling and really made me appreciate the commentary that I had heard throughout the rest of the weekend that much more.  

Time Capsule started off with four different qualifying matches and the winners of each went onto the main event to compete for a shot at the IWTV Championship.  It should be noted that at this time, both Wheeler Yuta and Scoot Andrews seemed to be gunning for current IWTV Champion Lee Moriarty.   Now, we were about to add a third person to that mix.  The first match saw Dve Cole defeat Facade.  The furthest I've ever drove to see wrestling and the first time Quentin went to Pennsylvania we saw Facade with Dani Mo.  Facade is just this amazing talent on some other level.  Imagine you're playing a video game and you hit a sequence of moves you think isn't possible in real life.   Facade would see that and then somehow defy science and logic and do it.

I know Dave Cole mostly as an artist as there exists a now retired/sold out Tony Deppen vs. Trish Adora Iron Match shirt which was a creation of his.   Still, this was a fun match to kick off the show and I really think any promotion out there would benefit from the experience and innovation of someone like Facade.  In the second match, Gary Jay defeated Herzog.  I only recently found out about Herzog because he was at that Fight Underground Anna show.  Apparently though he used to be in a tag team with WARHORSE so it would have been interesting to see Herzog take off here but, alas, Gary Jay moved on.  Still love Gary Jay.

The third match of this show was when things got interesting.  Dan Barry took on Eric Corvis and it started with Eric Corvis requesting Dan Barry change his clothes.  This match broke down to the point where one (possibly drunk) fan continued to yell.  At one point Dan Barry said something to her like "Thanks, mom" because she really seemed to like Dan Barry and really didn't like Eric Corvis and his cheating ways.  In fact, this became a theme throughout the night as she continued to cry about cheating every time it happened.

Look, I'm a fan of professional wrestling.  I write it about it for fun.  So when you go to a wrestling show, when you buy a ticket, yeah, you're expected to have fun.  You can yell at the wrestlers and that's cool.  But there comes this point where it takes the focus off of the show and the people in the ring and it tries to become about you.   This woman had it to that point where I felt like she wanted that attention and I think the lack of commentary just drew more attention to her.    If I was in charge (which I'm not) I would've given that woman a warning- told her everyone is trying to enjoy the show so she needs to be respectful of others and dial it back a little.  If she didn't comply, kick her out.   Luckily, throughout the show it seemed to be less noticeable.  Maybe she just got tired.

I know neither Anthony Stone nor Jefferson Saint but this match lasted four seconds and now I perhaps might never know either of them.  Anthony Stone did that quick pin and win deal here.  The first non-qualifying match saw The Island Kings defeat The Jollyville Fuck-Its.   The Island Kings are Jaka and Sean Maluta and how I am just seeing them together for the first time is a mystery to me.   They should be teaming everywhere.   Darius Carter defeated Lamont Williams and I think this was when that rowdy fan truly calmed down.  I was waiting for her to say something to Darius Carter because that could have been extremely funny but alas the show seemed to go on now, unaffected.

What I would consider to be a dream match I never knew I needed, Allysin Kay defeated Sugar Dunkerton to put AK47 at 2-0 on matches I've seen her in for the weekend.  It's always nice to see Sugar Dunkerton as well.   This match- and this show- just made me think about how I was watching independent wrestling in the early '00's and a lot of the wrestlers from back then can still go, so why not use them more?  Why isn't Allysin Kay a regular on some promotion somewhere?  I really wish she was.   

I love The Besties In The World and this just further fuels my ideas for a tag team tournament of some kind, but they were on the losing end to Faith In Nothing and I don't know if I'll ever be happy seeing Ricky Shane Page win.   The main event saw Dave Cole defeat Anthony Stone, Gary Jay and Dan Barry to become a #1 Contender to the IWTV Championship.  I really like the idea of Dave Cole sort of reinventing himself from his past and hopefully he gets a good run in the ring now if he wants it.  Without commentary and with that one fan trying to get herself over for some reason, this show was a bit awkward but the matches still delivered in quality.   Just listen to the new Demi Lovato album while you watch it and you'll be fine.  


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