Wrestling Review //
ICW No Holds Barred
Volume 11 - Then & Now

After an Absolute Intense Wrestling hour long song, Quentin and I watched ICW No Holds Barred Volume 11 "Then & Now".  It feels like forever since I last saw an ICWNHB show so I was excited for this one.   In somewhat typical ICWNHB fashion the show started with Tony Deppen and in what also seems to be developing as a trend in ICWNHB, Daniel Garcia found himself on the losing end.  

How cool was it to see Lee Moriarty in the chains?  So, Scoot Andrews (who was in ROH way back in the day, among other places) came out and cut a promo about Lee Moriarty being the best.   Then, after Lee Moriarty defeats Steve Madison, Scoot Andrews attacks him.   This is Day 1 of the events and already we have Wheeler Yuta and Scoot Andrews gunning for Lee Moriarty!  It's definitely fun seeing Moriarty in the chains and he had quite the showing all around in Tampa.  I do hope he comes back to ICWNHB one day soon.

I told Quentin that we were going to watch Volume 11 together and if he didn't want to watch it all he didn't have to, but he definitely had to watch Justin Kyle vs. Bruce Santee- and so he did.  This was their third meeting and Justin Kyle seemed to put that ! on the win, to go to show how he felt going into the Battle of the Tough Guys the next night.  I was a little sad seeing Jon Davis defeat Dominic Garrini, but maybe that earlier match got Dom a little bit down.   Brandon Kirk also stole a victory from Danny Demanto even though Demanto used Kasey Kirk as a weapon against Brandon.

If you want to talk about two big hosses fighting and one of them making their debuts, then you're going to talk about Dan Maff vs. Calvin Tankman.   Tankman is everywhere now.  It's hard not to know who he is or not have seen one of his matches.   This was a great match and I'd like to see it again one day.   This was also where we turned the show off for the night so Quentin could go to bed- so he could go to school the next day.

I watched the last two matches on my own later and Nolan Edward vs. Jake Crist was a nice fight.  I'm still concerned about Jake Crist and this is his second big loss within the day.  That has to hit him pretty hard.   But then, in the main event we had The Rejects with Neil Diamond Cutter vs. The Carnage Crew.   Look, everyone in this match was beating the hell out of each other.  Then, right before the end, New Jack comes out, hits a few spots with weapons and manages to help his team get the pin and win.   If you were going into this hoping to see a New Jack match, you might be disappointed.   As far as I'm concerned, New Jack wasn't really a part of this match.

Two big points coming out of this event, though.   One: The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley) want The Carnage Crew and I think that could be an amazing match.  Two: After his match, Nolan Edward called out Sami Callihan.   If we get Sami Callihan in the chains, I want to be there.   If that comes to NJ, I certainly hope that it can be at an event I know about in advance enough that I'm able to get tickets and go to it.   Because I want to see that go down.