Music Review //
"I'm The One"

As I've first heard the music of Satsang as the sun is shining and the album "All. Right. Now." is due for release on June 4, 2021- which is the summer- I feel it is only appropriate that I get a strong summer vibe from Satsang.   It reminds me of Sublime when they did that one acoustic album, but at the same time it's not even about having the same sound as Sublime but more like having the same mentality of getting together with friends and family, near a pool or near the ocean, and just having a good time while this music plays.  

One of my favorite parts of "I'm The One" is how simple the song sounds yet how complex it really is.  While listening to it, the song just feels like the type of thing you could play at a party if you pulled out an acoustic guitar.   It seems as easy as that.  But there is a bit of rhythm in here and you'll begin to notice the smaller things like the acoustics of the percussion which just make this song have that overall simple sound but to get to that is rather complex.   I truly like songs which feel this way because it seems so much easier to just listen to the sound and not focus on how it is made.

I have an interesting relationship with the radio because I like to claim I don't really listen to it, but I do use it sometimes and I feel like in some ways it is important to just know what's on the radio currently and be familiar with those songs.   Some time back there was a song all over the radio called "Lay Me Down" by The Dirty Heads.   I feel like "I'm The One" by Satsang has the same kind of energy and there is no reason why "I'm The One" can't be all over the radio and coming out of speakers at the beaches this summer.

"I'm The One" is the third single released from the upcoming Satsang album, "All. Right. Now." and so far every song has been solid enough to make me interested in this entire album.   I first remember going to Warped Tour and hearing bands like Sprung Monkey which made me realize just how a band can sound from song to song.   It makes the experience of the album overall just feel so much better when each song feels like it's own little album.   This is something which Satsang is working at here and I think that when June 4th comes around we're all going to be pleasantly surprised.