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While GETTERS have created a music video for the song "Blindsided" which should be in the Music Video Hall of Fame, that shouldn't distract from the fact that this song is also easy on the ears.  "Blindsided" treats the listener to that blend of pop and rock which comes out sounding like What Made Milwaukee Famous and to some extent AJR.   This is a song which I could easily hear on the radio and not just on the rock station but crossing over to the pop stations as well, much like that AJR song "Bang" does.

Along with this song- which will get stuck in your head- comes a music video which is an animated work of art.  The video takes us through several different stages of what looks like a video game, though if this was actually made as an app I would definitely download and play it.  There is something modern about the animation in the way which Cartoon Network shows look after a certain period (When they switched from the Cartoon Cartoons era of "Johnny Bravo", for example, to "Regular Show") but there is also something a little bit twisted within the animation as well, making me think of "Liquid Television".

As someone who has watched every episode of shows like "Adventure Time" and "Steven Universe" this video is perfect to me.   It has a video game theme, sure, but if it also somehow became an animated series I would be into it.  There are also these odd bits the longer the video goes on- like a fish with a chainsaw mouth- which make me think of "Monty Python".   What I think perhaps most importantly needs to be stated about this video though is that it is created in a time when a lot of artists either don't make music videos (or don't try) because there isn't what I remember as being an MTV growing up.

When I think of animated music videos of course I think of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" first and that was really groundbreaking stuff back in 1997, but in some way you have to think that it was also done for the attention as music videos were so abundant.   If I simply heard "Blindsided" on the radio, I would instantly become a fan of the song and want to know more about GETTERS.   But then, to find out that their music video for this song was also this masterpiece, it just makes me love them that much more.  


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