Cassette Review //
Larry Wish
"Comb Hair"

$7 //
Edition of 100 //

We begin this Larry Wish cassette with psychedelic guitar riffs and distorted patches.  This simply goes into a series of robotic haha's as if we are being laughed at by our computers.   This takes us into the second song on the cassette which has elements of it which make think of The Doors but it also has this home recording sound to it.   In some ways, this could be the result of Jim Morrison being alive in the 21st Century, finding this technology in his youth and making bedroom recordings because he doesn't get along with anyone so he can't be in a band.

The third song is a cover of Hootie and The Blowfish's "Hold My Hand" which feels screwed in some way and just comes out in a slower, more twisted way than the original.   Hearing this also makes me think of how Post Malone also recently covered Hootie and perhaps there will be a Post Malone-Larry Wish collab at some point in the near future?  Just putting it out there into the world. 

"Suzie 2" is an attempt to "Cheer up Suzie" and the song does feel somewhat upbeat yet still evil.   Throughout this cassette I also can't help but think at times that these vocals are coming out sounding like Mike Judge.   "Malady" has this slow synth drag which sounds like it could go into hip hop but also reminds me of something like "Boris the Spider" by The Who.   Some pretty psychedelic keys find their way into this song as well, which create quite the vibe.    This was quite the wild instrumental number and then "16 2" comes on next with this really sharp sounding piano key ringing in my ear to the rhythm of a synth video game.  

Back into the singing now, this whole song just rattles and it has that Illegal Wiretaps way about it as well.   This ends up taking us on a swirly adventure which just breaks down into music only and has these loops just make you feel like you're part of a rollercoaster ride.   Blissed out waves ride us to the end and then we quickly switch over into this song which sounds like something out of "Double Dragon" and I love that about it.   It makes me want to play the NES.  

As we go into the flip side, I feel like we start off with this song which could be the theme song to a show such as "Rocko's Modern Life" but then we're right back into those dark keys and singing which made so much of the first side feel hypnotic.   It's somewhat like if The Phantom of the Opera was an NES game.   This then all just gets wild, breaks down like it's some kind of polka.   Magical strings are strummed now as it feels as if this next song is going to take us high into the clouds.  

Every time I hear "Memenda" in this song I think it's "remember".  Once the keys kick in, you can hear the melody of "How's It Going To Be".  I've had plans for such a long time to create a covers band for Third Eye Blind but only play the non-radio songs off of their self-titled album.  I also was on my way home from somewhere once and really had to go to the bathroom.  This song came on the radio and I changed the lyrics to "I Really Have To Pee" but I can't remember the rest of them because that was some odd twenty years ago maybe.   I would welcome a Larry WIsh Third Eye Blind covers tape though, just doing the entire self-titled album.

"Idiot Heaven" makes me think about how they say ignorance is bliss and this song does take me to my happy place.    Machine drum beats and possibly birds chirping start off the next song.    There is also this walk-along way about this song, much like "Boris the Spider" and then it just breaks down into this almost flute-like sound which makes me think of the instrumental side of 100 Gecs.    We slowly break off and drop down into some static with tones falling like shooting stars on their way down.   Isolated, the distorted droplets fall, one by one.   The singing returns and it feels like "Knocking On Heaven's Door".

Everything scrambles into deep bass beats now.  There is a more serious tone here, driving.   Whirrs come through swirling around and this one has a steady beat yet feels so chaotic.   Back and forth blissed out tones now and this one is trapped inside a sea of distortion.    It almost feels like "Psycho" to some extent as it begins to skip.   A bouncing ball followed by a strong burst of magic synth takes out to the end and I just feel like we have made it to that next level.  



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