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No Peace Underground

It seems only fitting for No Peace Underground to have a show called "MurderMania" during Wrestlemania week.   There was also a show on Wednesday night at midnight- which would be the official kick off of all the madness of the week- called "Fatalism" but I think it streamed on Facebook or something and as I type this the replay is not up on IWTV.  I also watched this show very much out of order because of the midnight time slot, but in many ways this was my last show to complete my Thursday (or Day 1) viewing.

In between matches there was someone throwing out crazy conspiracy theories which just reminded me of that gif of Charlie from It's Always Sunny.  There was also some of those weird black and white videos which felt like they were shown during the 1950's in school.  One of them was about a kid who was upset by another kid and he pushed her and the adult asked something like "Maybe you wanted revenge.  Maybe you stuck out your foot to make sure she'd trip and fall" and I just think the whole thing was funny in the wrong ways.

This show kicked off with Treehouse Lee- a name not enough people are talking about- defeating JJ Garrett, who is like a baby Scott Steiner.   Shane Mercer just basically went through and destroyed Gary Jay, Neil Diamond Cutter, Lucky 13 and Jake Crist in the second match, which for that really felt like more of a 4 vs 1 affair.   I like how the tag team match was put together with Nolan Edward and Wolfe Taylor bonding together because they felt robbed by Jordan Oliver at Horrors Of Survival.  

The Hallowed- which is Lord Crewe & Otis Cogar- just feel like such a solid yet scary tag team.  If I was going to book some kind of tag team tournament, maybe to crown the best tag team in independent wrestling and have some kind of IWTV Tag Titles, I'd definitely include The Hallowed.  On a personal note, from watching the IWTV Family Reunion earlier in the day, I really need someone to book The Hallowed vs. Funny Bone & The Super Beast because that is just money waiting to be printed.

I will admit I was a little surprised to see Tony Deppen defeat Jake Something but perhaps not as surprised as thinking this was possibly the only appearance of Jake Something during Wrestlemania week.  Seriously.  He should be on every show.  Why do I feel like this will be the only time I see him?  

Speaking of tag teams for some big ass tournament, The End (Odinson & Parrow) teamed with Orin Veidt to defeat The Rejects and Colby Corino.  I think there could be money in a match between The End and The Rejects, but also how do we get Odinson and Parrow in ICWNHB??

In what was my favorite match on this show Jamie Senegal defeated Ace Austin to become the new TNA X Division Champion.   Okay, so maybe the title wasn't on the line *but* as the commentary team debated whether or not Ace Austin was the current X Division Champion I actually had to google it.   If you told me that Ace Austin was the current champ I'd believe you, but also if you said he had lost the title recently to someone else I would also believe that.  It's my fault for not paying as much attention as I maybe should to Impact Wrestling.

The main event was one of those matches where you see it booked and go "I'm watching this show".   Actually, I'm going to give you a spoiler for one of my upcoming reviews.  There is also a show from No Peace Underground on this weekend- on Saturday night- called "Shallow Graves" but that was over on FITE TV and it was part of the GCW Collective.  So it's kind of funny but NPU is the only promotion that was on both IWTV and FITE TV during this 'Mania weekend deal.  I kept confusing this show though as "MurderMania" is part of your $10/month to IWTV and I kept thinking we'd see Casanova Valentine vs. Mad Man Pondo as part of the pay-per-view show on FITE TV because it's that big of a match.

I know Casanova Valentine was injured for a little bit but it does seem like we don't see him as much as we used to- like when he was on every ICWNHB show but also other shows as well.  I don't know why.  I'm not sure what it is.  I feel like in some ways ICWNHB replaced Casanova Valentine with Ruben Steel, because they kind of look similar, but I mean I definitely love Ruben Steel as well.  I'd like to see Casanova Valentine vs. Ruben Steel one day in ICWNHB.  I think that'd be a great match.   But yeah, Casanova Valentine has become somewhat of legend in his own right and now he faces the death match legend of Mad Man Pondo.  How could you not want to see this?

I had a lot of fun with this first of two No Peace Underground shows.   I know there was a third but I guess I'm just going to have to wait for it to come to IWTV to watch it.   This was also, after four shows, my end to Thursday / Day 1 of Wrestlemania Week aka when my mind exploded from so much great wrestling.  


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