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Chris Birkett
"Precious Love"

Whenever you see a song title that has the word "love" in it and there isn't any direct relation to it that is negative (You know, if the song is called "I Hate Love" or something) then you can pretty much guess that you're about to hear a love song.   "Precious Love" does deliver on that, as it contains lines such as "I believe they broke the mold that made you".   And while some could argue that every song is a love song in its own way, this is in fact a very direct type of love song, the kind you would play for someone who you loved or were trying to love.

Right away, Chris Birkett brings out the saxophone.  I think because of that it's going to be a feeling of wanting to put this into a genre where it can be influenced by jazz and as such it might be considered easy listening (or what some might even call elevator music) but that might only hold true if it was instrumental and slower.   This moves to a steady rhythm and I think it has all of the makings of a pop song that feels retro but also you can't quite place it with anything in the past so it must be modern.

I largely feel like growing up I had two different sets of musical influences from each of my parents.   The sound of Chris Birkett is one which I would relate more with my mother than with my father.   There is that feeling of Billy Joel in here, or something you would hear on the radio around that same time.   It's that John Mellencamp factor of being in the car with my mom and listening to what I thought was rock music as a kid but when I look back now that "Wild Night" song with Meshell Ndegeocello wasn't really rock no matter how great it remains.

One of my favorite qualities of "Precious Love", though, is that despite the lyrics and the notion that you're going into it as a love song it doesn't sound like a love song.   It is certainly easy enough on the ears to be on the radio and to be a song which you played for your spouse but it's also not a song that you might hear when you are not in love and be annoyed be it.   Chris Birkett is truly living in a space which most music does not exist in right now- pop but not overly so- and I wish more artists would join him.  


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