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"Four Seasons"

As soon as the song "Four Seasons" by HyBrazil hits you can hear the smooth sound which combines rock with pop and a little bit of jazz.    While I feel like this is a song which could be on the "alternative rock" radio station here, I do feel like it could also be heard on a pop radio station as well.   It has that acoustic rhythm to it which makes it crossover into various genres and become a hit wherever it lands.  In terms of related artists I think of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians and Norah Jones.   

Though this song has this calm groove to it, the lyrics make me feel like we're being overwhelmed- "When all four seasons come in one day".   I think it depends upon where you live, but in Connecticut I have felt that summer-like weather during the day time and close to winter-like weather at night before.   But I do think this is less about the weather outside and more about your state of mind.   All four seasons coming at once makes me feel overwhelmed, like everything is happening all at the same time and that gives me a lot of anxiety.  I think "Four Seasons" is a sort of casual way to have that conversation.

In addition to that idea found in the chorus, I think it is also important to examine the lyrics such as: "When it's good / it's amazing / when it's bad / it's a disaster / need to slow down / before this ride goes any faster"  The idea of the ride going fast makes me feel like this song is about anxiety still, but also those first few lines make me think of what is sometimes referred to as the highest highs and lowest lows.   I know there are different terms for this, but I have felt it in that manic way where when things seem good they're great and when they seem bad they're just the worst.  

One thing which has always stuck with me as a teenager until now was trying to figure out what lyrics to songs meant.  I feel like a lot of songs from my youth kind of tricked me (and a lot of other people) into what they were really about and so now whenever I listen to a song I perhaps overthink it but that also seems okay.  With HyBrazil and "Four Seasons", I think it's easy enough to put this is into a relaxing playlist, one where you can listen to it at work or at a party and no one will complain about the song.  But if people listen to the lyrics and think about them like I do, that might start some conversations and that is something I am also okay with.


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