Cassette Review //
"Silicon Soul"
(Suite 309)

$7 // //

While I remember Sophiaaaahjkl;8901 for a previous cassette released on Suite 309, I will also remember them always for the album "FUCK 12".   We start with some electronics and screaming which reminds me of Deathdealer.  This takes us into some more mechanical electro-loops, which feel like a video game but also just like the sounds of the insides of a spaceship.   

The sound now feels like we're walking with the electronics- a little bit of that Atari 2600 sound and a little bit of funk.   A sound like beeping now, but the beeping is somehow fried.   Beats come in and you can dance to this one.   It really kicks in now and you can feel like this one is something out of "Run Lola Run" as it just moves and makes you want to move.   Those synths like lasers cut through now and then we're reduced to this sound of back and forth before the song comes to an end.

There is a ringing but it's like a metallic banging and this makes the loop a little bit like a groove but it also feels like we're on a treadmill- moving while going nowhere.  Though we continue to move, through the static it can feel as if we're slowing down.   It feels like the gears are turning now, beats are here and there is a distant banging on something.   I'm not sure why but I just picture a construction site or steel mill as having this particular rhythm and turning from work into dance.  

We're glitching through the beats now and this one will also make you want to dance.    The beats get deeper and we get to a slightly darker place now as we are being told "Cut me with a knife"  It feels like we're being hypnotized now, not just by the words but by the music itself, as the first side comes to an end.

On the flip side now we open up with fast paced electronics and scrapes which make me think we are digging.   The beats come in and really make it feel like a timed game I'm about to lose.   We take a few minutes for individual notes and then everything breaks down into chaos.   Banging now feels like footsteps- ominous- as we can take in this robot army march to only spell our certain doom.  

We're onto a song now which has a more upbeat feel to it with claps.   A little trippy now, we're told "I can't do that because of the way that I'm sitting" and this one just takes off.   Back into that video game sound now, like we're on a mission, and then those distorted vocals come into it as well, but not quite the same way as the start of this cassette.   Slowly, we go through some beeps and synth with vocals which reminds me of something from the "Lost Highway" soundtrack.

"I don't know how to help you / I don't know how to help me" and then we just become the music.    This then takes us into a distorted game of pinball, which just makes me feel like I'm watching it on a screen rather than inside a typical pinball machine.   The vocals return and you can begin to feel the suffering.   As it feels like shots are being fired into space and just fading out, the beats return.    Through twists and turns this one comes to an end, just fading out as if it was never even there.