Music Review //
Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz
(Baggage Room Records)


The sound of Eric Anders and Mark O'Bitz is on the softer side of rock.   There are pianos more than any other instrument present with the vocals.  This doesn't make for an easy point of comparison but in some ways it does make me think of Josh Groban or what is thought of as "Christian music" in the sense that it's music which church tells you it is okay to listen to.   Granted, "Searise" could have this spiritual way about it but the lyrics themselves don't ever specifically mention anything to do with The Bible so I wouldn't say the song was one of worship.  Calling it Christian music without the Christian makes it feel unholy but this song is all around easy on the ears.

Towards the back end of the song Evelyn Anders appears as singing vocals as well.   This pairing will remind the listener of something like She & Him or Of Monsters and Men.   I hear that "Little Talks" song on the radio a bit and I must admit I do enjoy it.   This also helps take the focus away from my thoughts of this being "Christian rock" and moves it more towards that pop rock and almost folk sound.  (Though you have to imagine a piano in place of acoustic guitar for the folk)  I think the key throughout "Searise" though is just that theme of melody because whether it's singing or piano it just feels so pure.

There is a music video which accompanies "Searise" and I firmly do believe that even if you do not care about this song based on the words which I am writing about it (or what you might have otherwise heard) you at least owe it to yourself to see this music video at least once.   It's animated in the sense that the images aren't real but they look pretty real.  And they move but they don't move all the way.  As an example, there's one image which sticks in my mind of some drowning.  This person is moving because they are falling down under the water, but most of the surrounding scene is still.   It's unique and I really enjoy it.  The music video is in itself a work of art.

One of the greatest things about music is that there is a song for just about any occasion and even more than that sometimes the song you want to hear isn't appropriate.   I think about how sometimes when people are happy they'll listen to angry metal.  So whether you want to just relax or do the opposite if you're that type of person, "Searise" is the perfect song for remaining calm.   But if you're able to, you can put this one on and clean your entire house.  It just depends on your mood but for me I like to think of this as a later a night song used to help me unwind at the end of a long day.