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In terms of leaving IWTV to switch over to FITE TV, this was my first event which did that.  However, this was on Thursday night at 11:59 pm, so basically it went from Thursday into Friday and seeing as how I had to get up to take Quentin to school on Friday this one was purchased well in advance but then watched at a later time.  It's weird how I kind of juggled around different shows and watched them when I could but I'm still going to try and post the reviews about them in the order which they happened.   

I don't even know what shows GCW had during the day Thursday before this.  I just know I was sold on this show because they have what I consider to be a triple main event.   Granted, there are a number of other great matches within here as well, but those top three matches are just contenders for match of the year.   This was my first time seeing the GCW set up and it was outside.  My only nitpick for this show was that it was kind of dark- like they could have used more lights shining on the ring, but I understand that you also don't want to blind the wrestlers (or fans in attendance)  

This show opened up with a six man scramble which was won by Troy Hollywood but had impressive showings by AC Mack and Mysterious Q.   I really hope to see more of AC Mack and Myterious Q going forward as they are both money in the ring.   A tag team match- a dream match of sorts- was to happen involving Faye Jackson, however Faye Jackson was injured and so Brooke Valentine replaced her in this match.   We saw Fire 'N Flava defeat Thick And Juicy 2.0 for the Impact Knockouts Tag Team Championships.  For all of the crap I give Impact, I do enjoy that they have Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz as their tag team champions.   Also, nice to once again see Willow Nightingale, who seems to be working all the shows with a smile on her face.

Jon Davis is That Dude and he seemingly came to Tampa for ICWNHB but also finds himself on For The Culture 2 defeating PB Smooth in a match which I think not enough people are talking about afterwards because PB Smooth is going to be a star.   Calvin Tankman won a four way match which featured Andy Brown- who I was seeing for the first time- Frontman Jah, who is a born character in wrestling, and Myron Reed who is shining over in MLW and should be everywhere else at this point as well.   

Bryan Keith might have lost to Darius Lockhart, but I became a fan of Bryan Keith during this week and not just for this match or the match before this one but because I also saw Bryan Keith on Heavy Metal Mall Madness vs. ACH.    I don't know why but I always think Tre Lamar is one of the Rascalz.   He defeated Eli Knight here and it was a match which you should watch if you've not seen either of these wrestlers before now.

With the previous matches all being about the up and comers in some ways (because, yeah, Jon Davis was also there, for example) I feel like the last three matches should be enough for any fan of wrestling to put down their money and watch this show.  First off, we had the motherfucking truth AJ Gray going up against JTG.   Then, you have the IWTV Champion Lee Moriarty against Lio Rush, in what was one of my favorite matches of this whole weekend deal.  And finally to close out the show we have Rich Swann going up against 2 Cold Scorpio.  People will say it until they lose their voice and I said it after I saw him back in early 2020 (pre-pandemic) but 2 Cold Scorpio can still go.  The fact that this man isn't on television every week amazes me.

But let's talk about JTG.  Let's talk about Lio Rush.  And let's talk about Rich Swann.  Three men, all released by WWE because they didn't know how to use them.  Three men who since being gone from WWE have really seemed to find themselves and have been doing some of their best work.   I think Lio Rush especially is someone who is just destined to explode as a megastar in professional wrestling right now and that might be without the help of a mainstream promotion.  But don't let that take anything away from Lee Moriarty, AJ Gray or Rich Swann either.

I'm not sure if people didn't watch this show as much because of the midnight time slot or what but you can watch it on the replay- you can still go to FITE TV right now and order it.  This was one of the most solid cards of the weekend and if you're able as a wrestling fan to look at those three matches in the last spots and still have no interest in this show... Yes, I can respect your opinion because we all like different things and wrestling has a lot of variety to offer, but I might respect you a little bit less for sleeping on any of these talented wrestlers on this just awesome show. 


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