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This is both my first time seeing Black Label Pro and Game Changer Wrestling.   To go against everything I said in my last review, for Bizarro Lucha, I did a search on IWTV for "Orange Cassidy", found this event and remembered I had wanted to watch it even though I'm familiar with maybe 87% of the wrestlers on the card.    This is my third event watched on IWTV as well, so if you kind of read all these reviews in a row it might be cool, especially after I've watched twenty something shows.

Our opening contest saw Violence Is Forever defeat the team of Tom Lawlor and Erick Stevens, who were going by The Filthy Fucks, which they questioned whether or not they could say on FITE TV, but hey, somehow I got this replay on not FITE TV because, you know, FITE TV makes me pay per event and I don't think that's as much fun as one monthly rate for all this wrestling *but* I will likely have to put down money on FITE TV one day when a card comes along that speaks to me.   (Have Mance Warner and Orange Cassidy faced each other yet?  Cause that would be...)

Tom Lawlor I recognize from MLW obviously and I remember Erick Stevens from back when I was buying FIP DVDs and Dave Prazak on commentary just makes this feel even more nostalgic and good.    This was a hard hitting tag team match up with four guys who can just legit go and it's the type of match you want to open any wrestling show because you just think "How is the next match going to top this?"

Luckily for whoever booked this show, up next was Homicide vs. Ethan Page- which could be a main event match anywhere else- and if you aren't familiar with Homicide, well, you should find all of his matches and watch them.  Ethan Page is also EVERYWHERE now since leaving EVOLVE and his ACH ordeal in the past.   I think Homicide vs just about anyone can be great and I think Ethan Page vs just about anyone can be great, so pitting these two against each other is everything you could ask for in a wrestling match.

In six man action the team of Los Serpientes (Which is Ophidian, who I know, and Arez and Laredo Kid in it- I've only ever read about the other two) versus Los Beasts (I've never seen any of them before) it was this smaller, high flying style versus the larger, high flying style because, yes, the Beasts still flew.   There was this one great spot where two of the Serpientes were being held up like Legion of Doom used to do with one guy and Black Taurus came off the top onto them and somehow landed on his feet.   Wow.   I am impressed and this match was something I would dare to call nonstop action.

At what I would call the halfway point because it was the fourth match out of eight, we had Jerry Lawler taking on Mance Warner.   Now, if you follow my reviews from number one on IWTV and this is the third, you'll see that connection to my first review because it had Ophidian in it and the one before this had Mance Warner, so I feel like it's neat how these IWTV events kind of feel connected as well.   Though next I might watch something that has no connection to any of these events so who knows.

When Jerry Lawler first came out, this one guy started chanting "Shut the fuck up" as soon as he took the mic- before he even spoke.  So the crowd chanted "Fuck that guy" at him for being disrespectful.   Then, as Lawler ran down the crowd, they all started a "Shut the fuck up" chant.   As Lawler compared the crowd to ECW one guy yelled "You're in Chicago, motherfucker!!" and Jerry Lawler responded "This is why cousins shouldn't be allowed to marry" 

The match itself was a thing of magic.  Far too often people think of Jerry Lawler as the comedic cliche he was painted by in WWE but he's hardcore and can smash you in the head with a glass bottle.   Mance Warner is a name I want to see as much of as possible right now because he's just doing such great things.   This match technically came before the Mance Warner match I watched before it (in Bizarro Lucha) and they referenced it there, but alas, here we are.

Funny thing is, when Mance Warner was fighting Calvin Tankman in Bizarro Lucha he set up a bunch of chairs and tried to put Tankman through them and as we all know in professional wrestling: if you spend a lot of time preparing a trap for your opponent, you're going through it.   Now, against Jerry Lawler, Mance Warner put a door between two chairs hoping to use it against Lawler and instead was put through it himself via piledriver and that cost him the match.   So maybe Mance Warner should stop building these traps for his opponents and just start chucking chairs at them. 

The second half of this show was just insane.   It began with a match that made me wonder "How many guys are in this thing?" but had G-Raver take this really bad spot on a light tube off the top of a ladder (and he was rushed to the back), Logan Stunt got launched into the third row like Bam Bam Bigelow and Spike Dudley but he did come back and wow... this was like watching a multiple car crash.   I haven't played video games in years, but I used to rock the PS2 and whenever you'd have multi-person matches (six or eight guys in there) with weapons it just felt like you could never win because someone would always be there to stop you.   This felt a lot like that.   It was crazy fun.

Gary Jay and Warhorse fought next, which was a hard-hitting match and this was my second time seeing Gary Jay in as many events I've watched on IWTV so hopefully he keeps kind of creeping into my playlist.    During the match before this though even someone doing commentary said something like "How are there matches after this?"  Every match just felt like a main event, and yet we just kept going.   This is just such a solid card from top to bottom and it wasn't even over yet.

I was in my younger years, the best years to be in (in my opinion) during the Attitude Era and Monday Night Wars, so when Gangrel was in WWE- to me- he was great.  I loved everything he did back then and always wondered why WWE didn't still have him under their employ to some extent (perhaps as a trainer even)  But, alas, he has his own school I'm told and he seems to only be getting better with age.   His opponent on this show was Orange Cassidy who is quite possibly my current favorite wrestler but Mance Warner comes close as well (Though I like different wrestlers for different reasons.  With so much pro wrestling out there in 2019 it's so hard to not have like a hundred favorites)

Gangrel hit his signature DDT on Orange Cassidy after spitting orange juice on him and this was just a great match from start to finish *but* still not my favorite Orange Cassidy match ever.   [My favorite Orange Cassidy match ever is also possibly my favorite wrestling match ever as well, so there]

The main event was my first time seeing EFFY though I've heard a lot of things on Twitter and damn if that dude isn't hardcore.   This was an absolute war and Nick Gage as always just brings it.   You think after all these great matches the crowd would have been dead, but this was just such a solid show from start to finish and I don't feel like any match was bad or could have been left off of the card, which is not something I can say a lot in this world of so, so much professional wrestling.   


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