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Cannon Busters

There was a time when I watched a lot of anime.   And I mean, a lot of anime.  I watched more anime than anything else because I've been obsessed with cartoons probably since I was born and I've always had this interest in Japan (in terms of their style, like wrestling for example) and so the two together just went with my manga over comic books fascination as well.

Then for a while I stopped watching anime.  I found it too hard to get into and stick with a series.   I'm not sure when the last time I watched a complete new to me anime series was from start to finish, in a first season way at least.    It's definitely been over five years since I watched "Psycho-Pass" across Netflix and Hulu (I think.  Maybe I reviewed it somewhere that will tell otherwise)

Not only did I watch "Cannon Busters" from start to finish, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to a second season.    In this story, we meet Philly the Kid- who cannot die- and those sworn to protect/monitor him and just a bunch of other colorful characters along the way.  There's action.   There's comedy.   I love the animation style.   It's a little bit of Trigun and a little bit of Cowboy Bebop, but enough of its own efforts that it just stands out.

Upon doing some research on "Cannon Busters" I came to find it was based on a comic book series from 2005 and now I am curious to go and read what inspired this show as well- which is just great, because I wish everything I watched on television made me want to go and read.    I just really dig these characters and feel like it's the Old West, but also the future and also somehow it feels like there is this political commentary behind it as well.

To see the way this all comes together just works on so many levels.   I don't think I would have watched this all over the course of a week if it didn't.   And I kind of want to watch it again.   I kind of want to see if I'm ready to explore other anime again, but even if this is the only anime series I watch all year and don't watch anymore until this second season is released, I'd be okay with that.   "Cannon Busters" is that good.


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