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"I'm An Adult"
(Busey Teeth CDr)

$10.50 //
Edition of 70 //

One of the ways to tell whether a CD is going to be great or not is to put it into your laptop and see if Windows Media Player recognizes it or not.    Sometimes it recognizes some great artists, sure, but other times it mostly will just recognize the radio type of stuff you know?   In unrelated news, I actually saw a car with a Bon Jovi sticker on it yesterday (And I don't even live in New Jersey)

Planet Shithead starts this CD with screechy distortion.   For Side A, by name only I recognize Hell Garbage, MOT and August Traeger, so it will be nice for you to hear some new names if you're in the same boat as me.   Obozdur has a lighter sound with more emphasis on the harsh side of things, as it can feel like a glitch modem, searching the frequencies for new life forms outside of this planet.   
Zatan (who I may have heard of before and thought they were Zartan) has a warbly, underwater type of sound going on.    Hell Garbage makes itself known with loud, distorted guitar sounds like "In Utero" era Nirvana only somehow heavier.    It feels like we're riding on a wave now, this track is just so much fun and every song on here thus far has been different which just goes to show you how much this blanket genre tag can do.    The end of the Hell Garbage song also includes applause, so that indicates it was live and at this point in time I, oddly enough, just assume most songs are recorded in one take.

A series of quiet beeps grows in the rustling grass on this MOT song.   We once again have this shift where we go from the CD up until now being mostly loud and now it is much quieter, much more minimal.    There is a little bit of a growing, like a helicopter engine, and then it just seems to take off.   SRVTR has this crackling static sound which really seems to drive the point home, which is interesting because it's like an amped up version of the MOT song when you listen to them back to back.

See Through Buildings has this sound of an engine failing to start just as a drone and it is loud and could make my neighbors uncomfortable (which is always a plus for me)   In some weird way, it feels like vocals are trying to come through this, like someone is talking through a bad drive thru speaker box.    Krallar gets much quieter, the sounds of doors opening and such like a field recording with this minimal drone hidden behind it all.    There is an ambient air here, which once again takes this CD from so very loud to rather soft.    A sound like an old school printer can be heard as a phone is ringing, much like an office setting here.

Loud static comes through, dropping like bombs, on the song by Musician.    This all builds to where it feels like we're glitching and then it just shifts into this industrial type of pattern and it just becomes a different song but one you really should be listening to because of the rhythm.   Wrist Clutch Exploder has an audio clip before their song of Marge Simpson saying that growing up means giving up everything that makes you happy.  A steady flow of static sludge now.   

The next fifteen tracks are by Vinz Clortho and they all flow together as one set of distorted harsh noise.   They range from eight seconds to a minute in length and it is best to listen to them all through a stereo or some means which doesn't take a pause between each so they can just intertwine.    There are vocals screamed in the background as well.    I also found a Vinz Clortho on Bandcamp that is NOT the same one.  

Mean Flow feels like their static is in water.    A Year Of Coffins buzzes in like a bee.    There is a lightsaber type of hum in here as it builds up and comes crashing back down.    Through the higher pitched screeches it comes to an end and then the big distorted static bomb drops from TxDxD.    Lord Cernunnos has this distorted video game feeling which I'm really digging.   

August Traeger brings about some back and forth lasers shots fired during what feels like an electronic symphony.    Escape From Hell has this darker distorted video game sound going for it and I just feel like it's a perfect way to end the first CD because it's not as loud as other songs on here but also not as quiet-- just such a perfect compliment to the album thus far, as we are halfway through.  


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